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Masters Lacrosse

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Hello all,
The Executive recently held a meeting to discuss the end of season and details relating to next years season which will begin in March 2018 with Exhibition play.   There are a few things we want to put out to the Club.  

  1. Dry Fits: Last year we decided to provide dry fit shirts to every member of the Club post draft.  We will be doing the same this year.  Last year Ryan Keller had his company, PVL,  sponsor the purchase of the full set of jerseys.  This was at a cost of approximately $3300.   The Club has the funds to make this purchase each season; however, if there is anyone who is willing to sponsor the purchase of all jerseys the Executive would be willing to consider any such offer.                                                                                                            Please send any proposal you may have to Vince at
  2. Beverages - see email
  3. Final night: October 22- the final game between Red and Orange will be played at 7:15 that night.  We will have a drop in game at 6:15 for those of you who wish to play.  The first 32 players to arrive and sign in will play in the drop in game-two goalies will be needed as well. Please come out and enjoy the pizza, beverages and the award presentation immediately after the final game on the spectator side of the field (not player bench).
  4. Registration: Deb Heard will be at the field for both games with 2018 TCM registration paperwork (payment is not due at this time but we need to get the paperwork rolling).
  5. Donations: Bring some $ to donate to our 3 charities (Heart & Stroke, Hospice and Canadian Cancer Society of BC) please and thank you......

 Vince, Bensy, Bill, Scott and Deb
 TCM Executive