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Masters Lacrosse

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Masters lacrosse in BC follows the BCLA rule book as well as the following additional rules:

All CLA game rules are in effect with exception to the special rules below.  The rules below are generally used in tournaments around the province. Leagues like the Lower Mainland Masters Lacrosse do have variations on these rules and you need to consult those leagues for their rule book.

Player Eligibility & Roster:
Minimum age 35+ in 2013. All underage players require prior approval. Div 1 is “Open” with Div 2 limited to Masters & Senior C players. Max 20 player roster listed on game sheet is set at opening faceoff.

No hard shell shoulder caps. For expediency, pad and stick measurements are not permitted. Any dangerous or unfair advantage equipment, as determined by Referees or Tourney Committee, will be removed.

Unnecessary roughness is not permitted. Relaxed hands together place & push “steering” contact is allowed. No Boarding, Charging, Cross Checking (hands apart), Slashing or High Sticking. Two Minute Minor or Five Minute Major penalties will be accessed for these infractions.

1st to the Ball
When the ball is close to the boards, the referee shall shout the color of the player who is closest to the ball. If any intentional body contact is made the referee shall blow the play dead and award the ball to the player who was closest to the ball. Stick on stick checking with incidental arm to arm contact is permitted as long there is no intentional body contact.

Dangerous Shot:
When a player takes an uncontrolled shot that hits an opposing player, that player will be given a two minute unsportsmanlike penalty. Referee’s have the discretion of not calling this penalty if a defensive player intentionally tries to get hit with the ball or is in the crease “goaltending”.

Goaltender Hit in Mask, Helmet, Throat Guard:
Play will not stop after a goaltender is hit in the mask, helmet or throat guard unless the goaltender is injured (referee’s discretion).



From TCM page:

Unsportsmanlike Penalties
Any player getting a 2nd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in a game will be removed from that game and given an automatic one game suspension to be served the next game.

Unsportsmanlike penalties will be cumulative.
On the third occurrence of an unsportsmanlike penalty (not withstanding getting two in one game), a player will be automatically suspended for the next game. Every unsportsmanlike penalty after the third penalty will include a further automatic game suspension. These penalties are cumulative throughout your time with Tri City Masters. They are not reset and do not go away from year to year, they continue on forever. There is no difference between regular season and playoff games, so any suspensions occurred will affect playoff games.


  • Player gets 2 unsportsmanlike penalties in a game: removed from that game and is suspended for next game.
  • Player gets his 3rd unsportsmanlike penalty: he is suspended for the next game
  • Player gets his 4th unsportsmanlike penalty: he is suspended for the next game.


If a player receives unsportsmanlike penalties on a regular basis the Executive reserves the right to remove him from our club or not have him register the next playing year. 

Abuse of officials
Any abuse (verbal, physical or otherwise) of officials, Executive or other players by a Tri City player (on the sidelines or on the field) will get an automatic one game suspension and his case will be further reviewed by the Executive.

While suspended
Any player on suspension will be banned from taking part in any Tri City activity for the length of that suspension. If a player does take part, their suspension will be extended accordingly. In other words if you are suspended we do not want you to come to the field and enjoy the game and sidelines, STAY HOME and let the rest of us enjoy our Sunday nights without you. 

No alcohol before games. Players under influence will NOT be allowed to play. If this is discovered after the fact, that player will be given an automatic one game suspension.


Team and Spares Policy

Team Size:

  1. Each TCM team shall include 18 players, including the team leader.
  2. Each team will draft 1 designated goalie and 5 designated big sticks.
  3. If each team in the draft has drafted all of its designated goalies and defenders, any extra goalies or defenders can be picked by any team.

Use of Spares:

  1. At the annual draft, the team leaders will collectively agree on a spares list comprised of any undrafted players that have been approved for admission to the club by the TCM executive.
  2. During regular season play, any team leader may call any spare to play in a game if he has received notice of an expected absence from a regular member.
  3. Team leaders are responsible for communicating their own expectations around notification to their teammates at the beginning of the season.
  4. Team leaders should make an effort to replace an absent player with a player of similar skill and position when picking from the spares list. The intent is to ensure that we are not “high-grading” or always calling out the same individuals.
  5. Team leaders should attempt to call spares prior to picking up regular players from other teams, but it is understood that this will still be necessary in many circumstances.
  6. Spares will not be asked to pay a registration fee, but they must complete a card and pay a drop-in fee of $10. (This fee is roughly equal to the per-game fee for regular players.)
  7. Spares may not be used in any play-off game except where allowed by a vote of the club executive.
  8. New players may be added to the spares list during the course of the season by a vote of the executive.
  9. Should a regular player need to quit the club for the remainder of the season, a player from the spares list can be asked to replace the missing player for the remainder of the season based on a vote by the TCM executive. In the event a player is added to a roster in this way, the cost of his registration shall be $8 x the number of games remaining in the season.
  10. Any person who quits the club mid-season and then returns will be added to the spares list for that year, but will be included in the regular draft the next year. If a player quits the club for any reason other than injury, work or family commitments, that individual will only be admitted back into the club if so voted by a majority of the executive.

Use of Sideline Spares:

  1. During regular season play, a team leader may pick up a spare player from another team if he has fewer than 13 players dressed or if he has no goalie or if he lacks three big sticks.
  2. A team leader may add spares until he has 13 (or 14 if replacing a goalie or big stick).
  3. Both team leaders must agree on the players selected and the spare selected should be similar in skill and position to the player(s) absent. The intention is to avoid loading a team with more talent than usual.
  4. A team leader may elect not to add spares, provided he has 10 dressed players.
  5. With the exception of replacing an absent goalie, spares may not be used in play-off games.

Notice and Absences:

  1. Except in extenuating circumstances, players should give at least 24 hours notice to their team leaders of an expected absence.
  2. Players who are absent 4 or more times during a season WITHOUT notifying their team leaders may be asked to leave the club by a majority vote of the TCM executive. As an alternative, a player may also be allowed to complete a season but not re-admitted the following year if 4 or more absences without notice have occurred.
  3. Players who miss 5 or more games (with notice), except due to injury, may not be re-admitted to the club in the following year, based on majority vote of the executive.
  4. Players who miss 50% or more of the games prior to the Christmas Break may be replaced by a player on the spares list by a majority vote of the executive.
  5. An exception shall be made to the policies 2-4 above if a player has advised TC Masters PRIOR to the draft of his limited availability.