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Masters Lacrosse

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Who We Are



LEC Masters

Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club 

We started a LONG time ago up in the confines of Blue Mountain Park in the mid nineties and have progressed to what we are now: a well organized club welcoming all players to play with our group.

Many of those early players are still involved with our club and give guidance to the newer players, who then pass those goals and philosophies on to our ever-expanding group.

  • We play Masters field lacrosse.
  • We are 35 years of age or older.
  • We play every Sunday night.
  • We play at Gates Park, in Port Coquitlam BC.
  • There are 154 players in our group divided into 8 teams.
  • We play a rotating regular schedule and then a 5 game play-off tournament to end the year.
  • We play from March through October with playoffs included.
  • We have "drop in" games from July through mid-August.
  • We play exhibition games during March.
  • We then hold a draft and divide our players into 8 even teams.
  • The teams change every year.
  • We hold a "smoker" in March, where we also announce the rosters for our 8 teams.
  • We consist of world class players right through to players who have never played the game before.
  • Our teams are balanced. There is no tiering or stats kept.

We do not award a championship trophy, but we do recognize individuals for their play and contributions to the club.